Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What is Islam

It is a word choosen for a system in which society accept the decree of God and practically implement those laws in thier routine life. Islam is a system which contain every single attribute essential for human personality building, wether it is on individual basis or as a nation. Islam covers every aspect of human life either social, financial, political and matrimonial.The core aim of Islam teaching is to produce such a personality which come's on to the true universal standards of human. All those people who followed Quran outlines will be address as Muslim and the society which they establish's known as Islamic society.

Difference Between Religion and System

Yes, Islam is a system. Islam is not a ‘religion’ in the ordinary sense of the word. Religion is the English equivalent for the Arabic word Mazhah, which does not occur even once in the whole of the Holy Quran. The Quran has, instead, used the word Ad-deen for Islam, which means a particular way of life.

Effect of Islam teachings on human personality

>>Islam upbring's human personality and turn it into a flawless character. It is a beauty of true Quranic teachings which evolves a man into human. Here it is necessary to describe the difference between man & human. Man is a biological nam which has been given to a specie, but human is a character of man only entitled when fulfills the universal standards set by God Almighty.
Religion in this sense came about at an early stage in human development when man was still ignorant of the "how and why" of the working of the universe or the threatening forces of nature lightning, clouds, floods, fire, disease, etc. and quite unable to hold his own against them. In that stage man trembled at the sight of everything more powerful than himself and in trying to appease it, made obeisance in complete surrender and submission.

>>Islam give's protection from negativity, disaster and other core disturbances.

>>Islam is a ladder by which one can reaches the apex of success and growth with safety and confidence.

>>Islam teach's protection give's protection. It establish's peace and harmony for every one so they can live with peace, love and with out any kind of fear.

>>Islam asked every one to abide with Quran laws.Accept those laws with firm belief in it.

>>Islam message is for entire mankind that they must follow the path which is balanced and justful.
It further said that donot invest your time on futile things and shun from shameful activities.

>>Islam teach's that when you will do the things it must be according to Allah Almighty Almighty ( God ) decree. That is a time when your efforts, actions will produce fertile results which not only benefits an individual but enriche's entire humanity and it is an aim of Quranic teachings that every one will get nourishment.

>>The results will be reflected from your actions and due to the effect of those reflection the human personality will be in a state of balance and shinning.

refrence: Islam challenge to religions


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