Monday, October 25, 2004

Quran Gate Way To Islam

The word Quran according to Arabic linguistic (ibn-e-faris) means "collecting". The Holy Quran is a collection of surahs (chapters) and these surahs are linked with one another in a very synchroned formation. Another reknown arabic Linguistic (Raghib) has described that Quran is a gist of all divine scriptures (books) which Allah Almighty (God) has sent for mankind. Many other linguistics believed that the root of Quran has derived from hebrew language which means "announcement".O Messenger! You should proclaim the attribute of Rabubiyyat (nourishment) of your Rabb (God), Who is the Creator of the universe. Proclaim that the One who has created living beings has also created means for their nourishment. chapter 96, verse:1.

Therefore the word Quran mean's "global, universal announcement" or declaration. The gist of Holy Quran teachings is, that an individual subdue his-her will to the laws of Allah Almighty (God) which is in the book (Quran). But this kind of obedience does'nt abide due to any fear and force (like the fear of tyrants).Here Allah Almighty (God) has said that obedience should be come straight from heart. The one who follows according to Quranic definition of obedience is called Muslim and the system which these muslims establish is known as "Islam".

Quran word of God or word of Man

! Quran Summary


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