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Islam and Quran Glossary

Glossary Of Islamic :Quranic Terms

This section of site provides an understanding with the general words and terminologies discussed by Islam. We have collected this information through authenticated resources. The terms which are shown over here are selected from numerous in numbers but we have choosen those islamic terms which are most commonly used in our daily discussion.

Allah Almighty - the word written in Quran. It is an Arabic word denoting the one to whom everyone surrender, who is meant to be worshiped and who creates all that exists.The Allah Almighty is a word which has been choosen by Almighty itself as its name and the rest of the names are its attributes or characteristics. It is the same word as in Hebrew, the Jews use for God (Eloh).

Allah u Akbar - In plain words it mean Allah Almighty is Great.But when we ponder on this word then we come accross with this reality that by only establishing the laws of Allah Almighty on every inch of land and on ourselves is a true essence of this term.

Amirul Mumineen - Commander of the believers. Title of the leader of the muslims after the death of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.).

Al-Akhirah - Next world, hereafter - the day where results of every person action will be shown.

Ansar - Ansar means the 'Helpers - historical background of the word refers to the Muslims of Madina who helped the Muhajirin (immigrants) of Makka at the time of hijrat.

Al-A`rab - the bedouin - lives in the desert or the countryside of Arabia.

Arafat - Arafat is a pilgrimage site, about 26 kilometers east of Makkah al-Mukaramah.

Assalamu 'Alaikum - Assalamu 'Alaikum means 'i care for your well being.' Greeting of the Muslims. The response to this greeting is 'Wa 'Alaikum Assalam,' and i care for your well being too. These are not only words but pure inspiration reflected from one muslim brother to his other muslim brother.

Ayah - Ayaat: means sign, ayaat Allah Almighty means sign of Allah Almighty wether it is in cosmos, human biological life, mountains etc etc. Quran is full of these ayaats and asked believers that why they are'nt pondering on it.

A.H.(After Hijrah) - Hijrah means emigration. The Islamic calendar starts from the year Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) emigrated from the city of Makkah to Madinah, in 622 A.D.

Al-An'âm - Cattle.The name of chapter 6 (surah) of Holy Quran.

Al-A'râf - Hieght.The name of chapter 7 (surah) of Holy Quran.

Al-Anfâl - Spoils of war, booty.The name of chapter 8 (surah ) of Holy Quran.

Al-Anbiyâ - Prophets.The name of chapter 21 (surah) of Holy Quran.

Al-'Ankabût - Spider.The name of chapter 29 (surah) of Holy Quran.

Al­Ahzâb - coalition,combined forces,clans.The name of chapter 33 (surah ) of Holy Quran.

Al-Ahqâf - wind, curved sandhills,dunes.The name of chapter 46 (surah) of Holy Quran.

Al-'Adiyât - Courser, chargers. The name of chapter 100 (surah ) of Holy Quran.

Al-'Alaq - Clot, read.The name of chapter 96 (surah) of Holy Quran.

Al-'Asr - Declining day, Epoch.The name of chapter 103 (surah ) of Holy Quran.

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