Sunday, October 24, 2004

Basic Islamic Beliefs

Beliefs:Fundamental of Faith

Muslims have 5 key values.
:: Faith in Allah Almighty as the one and only God.
:: Faith in angels.
:: Faith in the judgment day.
:: Faith in the Prophets...
:: Faith in the divine books

Allah Almighty [God]

:: Allah Almighty is the name Muslims use for the God, who formed and rules all. The spirit of conviction for all Muslims is submission to Allah's will. 0 Allah Almighty is everlasting, omniscient, and all-powerful... 0 Allah Almighty has always exists and will forever exist. 0 Allah Almighty knows all that can be recognized. 0 Allah Almighty can do everything that can be done. 0 Allah Almighty has no contour or form... 0 Allah Almighty can't be seen [ as a physical entity ]. 0 Allah Almighty can't be heard [ as we heard each other ]. 0 Allah Almighty is neither male nor feminine. 0 Allah Almighty bestows and penalizes fairly. 0 Allah Almighty is compassionate.0 A faithful can move toward Allah Almighty by abiding laws which are mentioned in Holy Quran. 0 Muslims worship only Allah Almighty because only Allah Almighty is praiseworthy of reverence.

God is only one :

:: Every Muslim must have a faith in God along with these basic attributes of Allah Almighty : 0 God has no offspring, no parents, and no partners. 0 God was not fashioned by a life form. 0 There are no alike, greater, or smaller gods.

In Quran :

:: Allah Almighty is one who has created me and then enlighten me by showing me a right path. Allah Almighty make basic resources available so i can eat and drink. And when I got ail (sick) the Allah Almighty is a one who cured me. And according to the Allah Almighty laws of physical life i will die and indeed Allah Almighty enliven me after death.
chapter 26 verse- 78 - 81


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